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218, Let me introduce our company in a few words. Elastic ’91 has been functioning since 1991 as a family business, which has more activities. One of the main areas is beachwear manufacturing. You may find women’s swimwear, swimming trunks and shorts for men and boys as well as bikinis for teenagers in our product range, which are sold mainly in Hungary, Germany and Austria.

Here are some details about our company:

  • Our capacity is 30 000 pcs/year which can be expanded till 50 000 pcs/year if needed.
  • Our site is located in Cegléd, Nyár u. 9. which is compatible with the latest European requirements. The highly qualified workers are for serve our clients with the help of the most modern technical background. We would be more than happy to host our partners for a factory visit.
  • We have our own cutting  and packaging department and we own a pattern editing software, too.

Our company has introduced ISO 9001/14001 quality management and environmental management systems.

Apart form being present in the Hungarian marketplace our main concept is to be an active participant of foreign markets as well. We believe that we could satisfy even the most selective foreign buyers’ needs with our precise and disciplined attitude.

We would like to find trustworthy partners throughout Europe with the intention of developing and expanding our services continuously. Upon receiving an order the most important factors are producing quality products for our partners and meeting the deadlines.

We are hoping that we raised your interest and we have the opportunity to introduce ourselves during a personal meeting.

We are looking forward to a mutually productive long-term cooperation.


221, Mycompany is engagedinmanufacturing of female, male and children’soutwear.
Wehaveabout 25 annualexperienceinthisfield.
Weundertake and dothepacking of finishedgoods and alsothehanger.
Ourgoodsissuecontrol is currentlysecuredby 9 employees 100%, butthisnumbercouldstill be expandable.
Ourcompany is locatedinthecounty of Baranya in Hungary, which is 85 m² and expandable, ourtailoring is 40 m².
Inour citythere is still an embroidery and a foil printing company, bothproducingeuropean standard.

sewingmachines, 4 threadslock,covermachine,buttonsewer,buttonholesewingmachine, ringeldevice, push-buttonmachine,
industrialironingmachines,ironingpressmachine, 8 meterlongcutting unit,cuttingmachinewithsaberknife and withsandingbeltknife.

Ifyouareinterestedinmy business and I cancountonthebasis of jointcooperationtomeettherequirements, thenpleasecontactus.




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