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Investment Solutions


A brand new insulation technology from Hungary which is very uncommon in Europe is for sale.
Price: 2 Million HUF + VAT.
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Hungary, Szabolcs County: in the city of Nyíregyháza a third floor condo is for sale (part of a 6-buildings condominium). The condo is 83 m2 + 26 m2 (mansard) The place is 5 minutes from the city centre. It is totally equipped and furnished: 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, toilette, hall and a 12 m2 store room on the ground floor. The heating is gas (Cirko). No need of renovation.
Target price: 70. 000 Euro
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Hungary, Szabolcs County: in Kisvarsány, 20 km from the Ukraine border a 170 m2 family house with central heating is for sale. The price includes 5.000 m2 realty. (4 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, toilette, kitchen, outbuildings)
Target price: 40.000 Euro
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Hungary, Szabolcs County: in the city of Nyíregyháza a recently-built second floor condo is for sale. The condo is 77 m2 and has a 25 m2 building opportunity. (2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilette, hall) The heating is gas (Cirko) and the additional costs are low.
Target price: 66. 600 Euro.
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Investment opportunities in Transcarpathia (Ukraine)
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